Burleigh County Master Gardeners Plant Pollinator Garden

A group of Burleigh County Master Gardeners applied and was awarded a grant to plant a pollinator garden. The garden is a 16ft. x 12 ft. garden aimed to utilize a small space to attract pollinators. The Burleigh County Master Gardeners planned and planted the garden at the Community Garden Space at the Missouri Valley Complex.

Bee on Flower

The goal for this pollinator garden is to reverse the downward trend seen on honeybees throughout the nation.  Public is welcome to view the garden.  The garden will be used as a teaching tool to inform gardeners about pollinators.

If you’re interested in reversing the downward trend of pollinator, please consider planting a pollinator garden. Smaller diverse garden plantings can provide the floral diversity to support resident pollinators. Bee diversity is often maximized in landscapes where 15 or more flowering plant species are present. As a general rule, gardeners who want to conserve bees should provide a minimum of three plant species that bloom at any given time during the growing season; spring, summer and fall.

For more information regarding planting your own pollinator garden please reach out to the Burleigh County Extension Office or Burleigh County Master Gardener either can be reached at 701-221-6865.


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