State Board of Agricultural Research and Education Requesting Applications

sbareNorth Dakota’s State Board of Agricultural Research and Education (SBARE) is requesting applications for membership on the board for a position representing the 10-county area of Sheridan, Wells, Eddy, Foster, Stutsman, Kidder, Burleigh, Emmons, Logan and McIntosh counties.

In 1997, the State Board of Agricultural Research was established to be responsible for budgeting and policymaking for the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1999, the law was expanded to include responsibility for the NDSU Extension Service. The name also was changed to the State Board of Agricultural Research and Education.

A major part of SBARE’s work is to gather proposals for research and Extension and prioritize the list. The prioritized list then is given to legislators for review.

Qualifications to serve as a board member include:
* Participation in and knowledge of the agricultural industries in North Dakota
* Knowledge of and involvement in a variety of research and Extension programs in the local area
* Local leadership experience
* Willingness to serve on SBARE, which includes board meetings, subcommittee assignments,
preparation for board meetings and some involvement with decision makers
* Willingness to communicate with other groups on how SBARE functions

The four-year term begins July 1. An application form is available at the Extension Service office in Burleigh County (3715 E. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck) and is due Feb. 17, 2017. Brian Leier, Linton, serves on the board in this position and is eligible to be re-appointed.

For more information, contact Ron Wiederholt at 701-231-7171 or More information about SBARE is available at

A committee will interview the candidates before sending its recommendation to the State Board of Higher Education for final approval.
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