Sagness Memorial Grant Awarded to Burleigh County FCE

churchBuckstopJunctionFamily and Community Education (FCE) Association has been a strong voice in promoting a healthier and better life for individuals, families, and communities through education, leadership and action. Building on the strength of the family as the center of a strong citizenry, FCE has a rich history that you could be a part of in Burleigh County.

Most recently, Burleigh FCE members met at the Spring Council meeting and enjoyed the key presentation of Understanding Depression Later in Life.  This is one example of many programs available to local organizations from NDSU Extension Service to enhance the lives of adults and youth. New business included the election of three officers: Shelley Porter, President; Carlene Dockter, Vice President; Kathleen Bien, Secretary.  We also want to thank Linda Uhte, Treasurer, for her significant contribution to the Burleigh County Association.

Our keynote project is sponsoring the school house at Buckstop Junction in Bismarck, ND.  In 2016, the Burleigh County FCE Association was granted $200 from the North Dakota Family and Community Educators Arlene Sagness Memorial Grant.  We enjoy the responsibility of maintaining the school house as many of our current members attended school in the actual school house.  The Lein School House #2 operated near Arena from 1906 to 1958.  Alice Falkenstein, a member of the Still Club for 62 years, reported it was cleaned by both Wing and Riverside clubs, we replaced curtains and blinds and completed some painting.  We intend to finish painting the school house and replacing light covers.  Tours are scheduled through Buckstop Junction Historic Town.  These tours allow youth to learn about the history of rural North Dakota.

For more information, please contact Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent, Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske,
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